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We ♥ Kamijo Yuuji

Dec 13

Dec 12

(lol @ the preview. I love him, dammit)

I didn’t tear up for some reason. I just pretend Jasmine is there in an invisible costume or playing hide-and-seek or doing some alien tomfoolery, because for me, Jasmine still exists. It’s not that I am still in shock, I just think… I don’t know. I make-believe he’s there, with the band, and even if he’s not visible, he’s there, therefore I can’t find any reason to cry that is not for happiness and amazement. I know he’s there.

This has a very Vivaldi touch to it, as well as some Pachelbel! Eeep. ♥ Kamijo seems to be crying really badly in one of the last scenes. I want to hug the poor Mijo. Really, right now he deserves a hug. He’s such a hardworking, smart, perseverant man. Not to mention handsome as fuck but that doesn’t really matter right now.

…anyways, yes, after watching the video lots of times consecutively, I can say it has its obvious Jasmine hints, I don’t know why I can’t cry. It always happens, but even if I make-believe Jasmine is there, not seeing his body swinging aimlessly with the music hurts and I feel like an insensitive bitch when I can’t express my sadness.
I also noticed that Kamijo looks like he’s about to burst in tears in oe of the last scenes, the one of the window. I feel really bad for all of them; surely the process of making the video was quite difficult, and they had to go on and on, enduring the sorrow and trying not to cry… I am so glad they’ve produced an amazing outcome inspite of the difficulties. So so proud of them.

Oh but most importanty - taking both this video and the song previews into account, I can assuredly say this is the best band I’ve ever listened in my life. It made me open my mouth widely in awe, tear up and scream around the house and on the phone, it’s just… breathtaking. The previews of the new (and all) album made my mind like - stop - and think “god this can’t get any better”. Just stunning, perfect. I really wonder if some amazing musician reincarnated in one of them.


Major-label first album release from Versailles “JUBILEE”.

Limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring music videos (“ASCENDEAD MASTER” and “SERENADE”), and making-of. It includes a 32 page book.

Regular Edition includes only the CD.

Regular: 3000 yen
Limited Edition: 3333 yen

This is the song list:
1. God Palace -Method of Inheritance-
2. Ascendead Master
3. Rosen Schwert
4. Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne
5. Amorphous
6. Reminiscence
7. Catharsis
8. The Umbrella of Glass
9. Gakkoka
10. PRINCESS -Revival of church-
11. Serenade
12. Sound in Gate

I personally am very eager about God Palace -Method of Inheritance-, Reminiscence and Umbrella of Glass. Serenade is stunning, though, I’m gonna post the PV right after this. It’s a formidable albeit very sad video. I’m also looking forward to the revamps of the three songs we’ve already listened before, that is, Princess, Ascendead Master and Gekkakou, although I am absolutely sure every song will take our breath away.

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